Billionaires are people, too

There’s another wonderful scene here:

2 thoughts on “Billionaires are people, too

  1. There is something that is covered up as much as is revealed in this. Few address the actual stereotype of Jews as “financiers.” We all still feel the horror of the Holocaust, but few talk about the stereotypes that still persist in who the victims were.

    My Jewish grandparents escaped Naziism from Austria, by getting fake passports from Switzerland. My Great Grandparents died in the camps. My Great Grandfather was a landscaper, and my great grandmother worked a small farm they lived on. My grandfather was a dock worker, unloading corn from ships. My grandmother sewed labels onto clothing in a sweatshop.

    They were not alone in their SES. Most Jews who died in the camps, or who escaped were NOT financiers, bankers, diamond collectors or jewelers. Most were proletariat or farmers. Yet there is little scholarly (or other) literature on this. So while we are always shocked when people make a false equivalency with Jewish victims, few ever question the stereotype itself.

  2. Does this vary between contexts perhaps? I would have assumed most people see the stereotype as racist in itself?

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