Social Media and Academic Labour, June 27th in Leeds

Speaker: Dr Mark Carrigan, University of Warwick & The Sociological Review
With Response from Dr Darren Nixon, Sociology at Leeds Beckett University

In recent years, we’ve begun to see social media move from the periphery to the mainstream of academic practice. But what does this mean for academic labour? While much of the discussion concerns the possibilities for scholarly communication, what about the possibilities for an expansion of managerial control? Social media might vastly extend the range of communicative options available to academics, but does it similarly expand the expectations placed upon academics to communicate? What does academic freedom mean in a communications environment where academics can both engage with and potentially be harassed by, larger audience than have ever previously been the case. These are amongst the questions this talk will address, drawing on recent work on the acceleration of higher education to consider the implications of social media for academic labour.

2 thoughts on “Social Media and Academic Labour, June 27th in Leeds

  1. Mark a number of local experiences come to mind but the one that stands out is shutting down of a common email that was used for staff to mass mail members of the uni community. Some members used it to lash out and sometimes insult colleagues.
    The recent news from France which makes it illegal for emails to be sent after hours. I wonder how this will go down in the academy if it were to be adopted. Is the academy a different kind of environment that need 24/7 open digital doors/offices? What might be some of these differences? That’s a question I asked of some colleagues recently. I’m also thinking about this problem from a pedagogical perspective as students expectations of our availability shifts as teachers explore newer ways to engage online.

    Looking forward to the outcomes of this session.

  2. I’m really interested in those questions too – I think unintended consequences are very likely though, trying to work out my views on this at the moment in preparation for the talk

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