Death Online Research: Last minute CFA 

Call For Abstracts DORS3:3rd International Death Online Research Symposium

Abstract deadline: April 20

Time and place:

October 11.-13. 2016 (symposium)

October 14. (PhD course) at Aarhus University, Denmark


Symposium: Tuesday, Oct. 11. Starting with lunch around 12 – Thursday Oct. 13. ending around 15. for everyone to get their flights.

PhD course: Friday, October 14.

(Time chosen for those colleagues from abroad who might be in Europe for AoIR and might find it easier to attend both conferences if they do not have to travel twice).

Themes and perspectives
These years, studies in online sociocultural practices related to death and dying, are growing and becoming, more and more, a recognized field. Happily, the contributors to this field come from a great variety of academic fields such as media sociology, (media) aesthetics, psychology, (visual) anthropology, the history of religion, philosophy, linguistics, to name a few. Also, the field is constituted by a great deal of cross disciplinary studies of how humans deal with death and dying. We welcome all relevant academic presentations of ongoing or recently completed academic research – on all kinds of death related online practices, however, we want to inspire you to a particular academic focus on the various contexts of online death related practices by welcoming especially papers that are empirically, theoretically and/or methodologically focusing on

* How online practices are historically, thematically, conceptually, aesthetically, materially etc related to various kinds of offline practices?

* How online practices are remediated forms of earlier known practices?

* How online- and offline practices are intervowen?

* What are the relations and contexts of highly individual and highly social practices?

* What are the interrelations of fiction-based and non-fiction based practices?


To be announced – we are working on it

We welcome academic presentations in the following categories:

* Individual papers/group papers

* Paper panels and/or fishbowl/panels presenting academic discussions in clearly framed and thematized sessions

* Both theoretical, methodological and empirical papers

* When sending your abstract, please indicate 3 keywords for the planned presentation

* If you want to host a fishbowl, please send an abstract for the theme, questions and the participants of your group (3-5 participants)

Please submit an abstract to Dorthe Refslund Christensen, main organizer, (of max 250 words for individual/group papers and of max 500 words for panels/fishbowls) no later than April 20, 2016. All submissions and enquiries should be marked DORS3 in the subject field. Please include full contact info (author name, university affiliation and email address) in the submission.


Submissions will be anonymised by the organisers before reviewing. All submissions will be peer-reviewed, and we envisage publication of selected full papers in a special issue of an academic journal in the field as well as a collection of writing from the symposium in an open-access online platform.

We will get back to you with information on acceptance of papers and more practical informations no later than May 25.

Preliminary programme will be out no later than June 15.

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