Reorienting Sociological Thought, May 11th @CardiffSOCSI

In recent years, we’ve seen the proliferation of calls to reorientate sociological thought around new concerns, methodologies and approaches that can ground the discipline in changing times. This symposium brings together advocates of prominent approaches with the hope of a dialogue concerning these calls. What do they have in common? How do they differ? Are their proliferation a sign of the discipline’s weakness or of its vitality? Do we need to throw our energies into one, embrace the multitude or somehow synthesise them into a broader project of disciplinary renewal?

Glamorgan Council Chamber, Glamorgan Building, Cardiff University
2pm to 4pm, May 11th 2016

Mark Carrigan – Why Public Sociology is Becoming Digital Sociology (and vice versa)

Des Fitzgerald – Lively sociology and the sociology of life

William Housley – Disruptive Technologies and Socio-Digital Transformation

Emilie Whitaker – Title TBC

If you’d like to attend please e-mail We’re planning a special section of The Sociologcial Review’s website further exploring these themes. Please indicate if this is something you would be interested in contributing to.