Creating and Exploring Digital Empathy

Creating and Exploring Digital Empathy (CEDE) is an EPSRC-funded research project jointly held between UCL, the University of Sheffield and Lancaster University.  The CEDE project had five core aims and objectives:

  1. To explore and develop the concept of Digital Empathy and how it can be facilitated via innovative methods;
  2. To improve quality of life by enabling a fuller expression of digital personhood;
  3. To reduce isolation across communities/groups and individuals;
  4. To develop new design principles that can be incorporated into systems design to enable empathy to be effectively communicated across the network;
  5. To open up a new domain in digital personhood, applicable across a variety of sectors.
  6. To build the Voight-Kampff  machine…..

Come along to this symposium to discover what happened

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