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Fictive Futures: Exploring Future Research Agendas

— Fictive Futures: Exploring Future Research Agendas —
* Submission Deadline: Friday, February 12, 2016 *

Decisions Announced: Friday, April 22, 2016

GROUP Conference at Sanibel Island, FL: November 13-16, 2016

We seek submissions that imagine possible futures for research on the relationships between computers and people. Submissions will include two portions: a fictional document related to the conduct of research and an author statement about the document.

The fictional document could be an extended abstract, a call for papers, an excerpt from API documentation, a book review, a study protocol for IRB review, or any other relevant type. The author statement should connect that document to current events, cite on-going research in the field, or otherwise extrapolate how the envisioned future might arise from our given present. This statement will be especially important for abstracts (which are too short to explain their rationale), API documentations (which typically do not provide a historical rationale), and other documents that on their own may be exceptionally short and/or vague.

Because Design Fictions are archival contributions, we recommend a minimum length of 3 pages (notes), and as many as 10 pages (papers), following the ACM Standard Format. The reviewing process will be the same as the general track, and Design Fiction papers or notes will be included in the proceedings.

Design Fiction submissions must be completed online at the GROUP 2016 conference site:

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