Relating to data through visualisation: three funded PhD studentships in the UK

*Deadline for applications: 5th March 2016.*

*Start date: October 2016.*

*Relating To Data: understanding data through visualisation* is a network
of three funded PhD studentships which focuses on how people relate to data
through their visualisation, the narratives and meanings people attach to
visualisations and the potential understanding produced by them. The
successful candidates will be located at one of the universities of Leeds,
Sheffield or York, depending on the studentship for which they apply (see
below). The network brings together supervisors with expertise in data
visualisation, big data/data power and user-centred digital design with two
world-leading and award-winning data visualisation agencies, Clever-Franke ( and Visualising Data ( As such it provides exciting
opportunities for three PhD students interested in the social scientific
study of data in society.

The network is funded by the UK’s ESRC (Economic and Social Research
Council) WRDTC (White Rose Doctoral Training Centre). As such, it is only
open to UK and EU nationals. Applicants who have been resident in the UK
for three years prior to the start date will be eligible for a fees +
maintenance award; applicants not resident in the UK for the three years
prior to the start date will be eligible for a fees only award.

*Studentship topic 1: **Developing Visualisation Literacy. *

– Principal Supervisor: Helen Kennedy, Department of Sociological
Studies, University of Sheffield.
– Co-Supervisor: Alex Hall, Department of Politics, University of York

*To apply: *

*Studentship topic 2: **Engaging Diverse Users in Visualisation Production
and Evaluation*.

– Principal Supervisor: David Beer, Department of Sociology, University
of York.
– Co-Supervisor: Rosemary Lucy Hill, Department of Sociology and Social
Policy, University of Leeds

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*Studentship topic 3: **Measuring Visualisation Engagement. *

– Principal Supervisor: Christopher Birchall, School of Media and
Communications, University of Leeds.
– Co-Supervisor: Paul Clough, Information School, University of

*To apply: *

For more information about the network and the studentships, visit or
contact the academic lead, Helen Kennedy, for more information.