CFP: Transhumanist Education, Politics, and Design

Call for Papers

Confero: Essays on Education, Philosophy and Politics

Special issue on “Transhumanist Education, Politics, and Design”

For this special issue on ‘Transhumanist Education, Politics, and Design’, we welcome contributions from scholars with various disciplinary backgrounds to debate transhumanistic issues in relation to education, politics, and design.

In the soon to come future, technological revolutions are likely to change future societies, bodies and minds in more far-reaching ways than ever before history.

Transhumanism can be described as ‘a new paradigm for thinking about humankind’s future’ (World Transhumanist Association). Transhumanism is a philosophy, a cultural movement and a growing field of study. More specifically, transhumanism is the belief in morphological freedom and the aspiration to enhance human abilities and attributes and thereby transcend human biological limits.

This special issue of Confero encourages contributions that approach and analyse transhumanism transhumanism in relation to education, politics, and design. Topics suitable for this special issue could include, but are not limited to, the following:

*   Transhumanism, corporeality and (un)learning
*   Transhumanism and disease(s)
*   Transhumanism and monstrosity
*   Transhumanism and citizenship
*   Transhumanism and surveillance
*   Transhumanism and cognitive science
*   Transhumanism and values (social, economical, ethical, juridical, environmental, moral, instrumental, utilitarian, hedonic etc.)
*   Transhumanism and intersectionality (e.g. race, sexuality, gender, ethnicity, able-bodied, crip)
*   Human enhancement, prosthesis and extension
*   Morphological freedom
*   Educating the transhuman
*   Queering transhumanism
*   Transhumanism and speed
*   Transhumanist design
*   Definitions, practices and consequences of transhumanism (e.g. bio-hacking and DIY citizenship)
*   A battle for/of the anthropocene? Posthumanism vs. transhumanism
*   Transhumanism as subversive power

Notes for Contributors

We encourage authors to use the Oxford referencing system. To give the essay form and improve its readability, we ask that the essay has a clearly defined topic or theme that is laid out in the introduction of the piece. We also encourage the writer to divide the text into sections, using headings to promote its readability. Authors are encouraged to refrain from selfreferences. The text should be proofread before submission. The journal applies double-blind peer review. Authors will also be invited to review papers for this special issue. Guest editors for this special issue are Mattias Arvola (Linköping University), Lina Rahm (Linköping University), and Jörgen Skågeby (Stockholm university).

The editorial group can be reached at<>. A first full draft of the essay should be sent<> on or before 1 April 2016. The subject line of the submission should read “Submission for SI on transhumanism”.

For further information and instructions, please visit<>