the insular world of a technology giant

From Gates, by Stephen Manes and Paul Andrews, loc 10354:

Microsoft was what one consultant called “their own little special world,” just as IBM was to many of its employees. The early IBM had a corporate golf course; Microsoft had softball and soccer fields and running paths. At Microsoft there was no equivalent of the IBM anthem “Ever Onward,” but the self-referential cult of personality was so strong that the on-line tutorial included with Word for Windows repeatedly cited a fictional company called “Trey Research.” Softies loved to talk about how their leader danced until the wee hours at company parties or about how, at company meetings, people would keep count of how many times he pushed his glasses back on his nose. The social lives of Microsoft’s young programmers revolved around Microsoft, which meant their entire lives centered around what the consultant saw as “this domain that they have under control.”