the ecology of content 

From Trust Me I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator, pg 19:

There are thousands of bloggers scouring the web looking for things to write about. They must write several times each day. They search Twitter, Facebook, comments sections, press releases, rival blogs, and other sources to develop their material. Above them are hundreds of mid- level online and offline journalists on websites and blogs and in magazines and newspapers who use those bloggers below them as sources and filters. They also have to write constantly— and engage in the same search for buzz, only a little more developed. Above them are the major national websites, publications, and television stations. They in turn browse the scourers below them for their material, grabbing their leads and turning them into truly national conversations. These are the most influential bunch— the New York Times, the Today Show, and CNN— and dwindling revenues or not, they have massive reach. Finally, between, above, and throughout these concentric levels is the largest group: us, the audience. We scan the web for material that we can watch, comment on, or share with our friends and followers.