Towards a Digital Social Ontology: Free Day Symposium in London on July 8th

The Social Ontology of Digital Data & Digital Technology
Wednesday, July 8, 2015 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

This innovative symposium brings together leading figures from a variety of fields which address issues of digital technology and digital data. We’ve invited speakers with a range of intellectual perspectives and disciplinary backgrounds who engage with questions relating to digital data and digital technology in their work. Our suggestion is that social ontology, however this might be construed, represents a potential common ground that could cut across this still rather siloed domain of inquiry into the social dimensions of digital technology.

The symposium aims to explore this possibility by assembling a diverse range of perspectives and drawing them into a dialogue about a common question, without assuming a shared understanding of the topic at hand. Our aim is to extend this digitally via twitter, podcast and blog beyond the event itself, in order to facilitate an extended conversation that will draw more people into its remit as it circulates after the symposium itself.

To this end, we invite each speaker to address this theme (the social ontology of digital data & digital technology) in whatever way they choose. Each speaker will have 30 mins to talk and 15 mins for questions. We’ll have an accomplished audio editor on hand to record each talk as a podcast. These will be released on and will be circulated on social media in order to try and stimulate a continuing debate around the issues raised at the symposium. The hashtag for the day will be #socialontology.

This event is funded by the Independent Social Research Foundation

Confirmed Speakers:

Chair: Celia Lury (Warwick)

Noortje Marres (Goldsmiths) – Does Digital Sociology have a Problem?
Jochen Runde (Cambridge) – Non-materiality and the Ontology of Digital Objects
Alistair Mutch (NTU) – Organizational Implications of Digital Data
Susan Halford (Southampton) – title TBC
Nick Couldry (LSE) – title TBC
Emma Uprichard (Warwick) – title TBC