Interesting research project worth supporting: Social Media in the First-Year Experience

This just got posted on the Social Media Discuss list which I allegedly administer:

Dear Colleagues,

I am conducting research throughout selected Irish and European colleges on Social Media in the First-Year Student Experience, as part of ITT Dublin’s Teaching and Learning Fellowship.

As part of this research, I wish to survey staff (lecturers, academic managers, college marketing staff and agencies) involved in recruiting new students to a third-level college, as well as those involved in lecturing to first-years and managing their transition to third-level education.

Please consider completing this short staff survey at the following link: Your opinions are very important to my research.

I would also like to get the opinions of your students on how social media may have influenced them in choosing a college and/or course of study, and to see if students believe social media can play a better role in making the transition to third-level education. Therefore please also share the student survey link at to your students.

I would be very grateful if you could distribute this message to staff and students in your college (and other colleges) over the next week. For your convenience, I have included a short statement for promotional purposes along with the survey links below, which can be easily pasted to emails/messages/posts encouraging others to complete the survey(s).

Link and suggested promotional message for Staff Survey:

Please take just ten minutes to complete an online survey on Social Media in the First-Year Student Experience available at, and get a free e-book Infinite Ripple – The Social Media Revolution. Share this message to other colleagues.

Link and suggested promotional message for Student Survey:

Students, we need your opinion on social media in education – how can it be used more effectively to communicate with you? Click on the link to take a short online survey and share with your friends!

Each survey should take no more than ten minutes to complete. For lecturers who teach in a computer laboratory, this makes for an interesting survey in the computer lab, and can open up discussion on the topic of social media in education for any lecture.

As a small thank you for sharing the survey links, each participant can opt to receive the survey findings. Further, staff participants will also receive a free e-copy of my most recent book Infinite Ripple – The Social Media Revolution which is an up-to-date resource (with European examples) on the impact of social media on business, society, education and politics.

Should you wish to find out more about this research, please click reply and I would be happy to send on further information. This research has been approved by the ITT Dublin Research Ethics Committee. All responses are anonymous and will be kept confidential.

Thanks in advance for your most valued support in this research.

Kind regards,


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