Digital video production training for anthropologists and sociologists

I don’t usually post flyers for paid courses (unless I’m giving them) but this looks great and I’m almost certainly going to book a place:

Spectacle, an award winning independent television production company
specialising in documentary, community-led investigative journalism and
participatory media, offers affordable weekend training in *Digital Video
Production for Anthropologists and Social Researchers*
<> (concession rates
available for full-time self-funding students).  (NB: As a small,
socially-minded company, our profits go back into supporting our
community-based work and therefore we would appreciate help in spreading
the word!)

*About the course:*

This is an intensive, hands-on, weekend training course with emphasis on
developing your practical filming skills, participatory techniques, and
do-it-yourself confidence that will enhance the quality and validity of
filmed fieldwork material. The short, condensed and effective course will
give all participants a solid foundation of practical knowledge and a
working understanding of digital cameras, sound recording, and filming on

Feedback from former participants:

“*This is the type of course every anthropologist and social researcher
should take*” – Dr. Mattia Fumanti, Department of Social Anthropology,
University of St. Andrews

“*Simple, uncomplicated approach to something people are interested in but
perhaps scared of trying out.*” – Julie Botticello, Research Associate, UCL

We have just updated our course dates for the rest of 2014 and into 2015.
Upcoming dates are:

Saturday & Sunday Dec 6 – 7 10.00-16.00

Saturday & Sunday Jan 10-11 10:00-16:00

Saturday & Sunday Feb 21 – 22 10.00-16.00

*In-house training:*

We can also offer training in-house
<> at your University /
College / Department for groups and are able to travel within the UK and
Europe – please contact us for a quote. Recently we have successfully
completed training at the University of Cambridge, University of Lancaster,
and the Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research, with excellent
feedback. For example:

University of Cambridge, Conservation Research Institute:

“*Mark really knows his subject, and I found the course motivating,
practical and enjoyable. I came out with loads of ideas.”*

Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research:

*“In two days you really get a feel for what you can do with a camera,
theoretically as well as practically.*”

*Other training:*

We less specific courses for all individuals and groups who want to learn
digital video production and editing. Please see our website for existing
dates and course options:

We can arrange courses during the week and at other weekends in London with
a group of 3 or more trainees. Spectacle offer group booking discounts: 3 –
5 people 10% discount, 6+ 20% discount. We also offer concessionary rates
for self-financing unemployed and full-time students. For in-house
training, we operate a flat-fee for a minimum of 8 participants, with
reduced rates for additional students up to a maximum of 20. Contact us for
more info.

We also offer additional training in Final Cut Pro editing
<> and workshops on
cppyright for filmmakers, Low / No budget filmmaking, and Documentary
Research. *We have recently launched a **4-day filmmaking workshop
<>aimed at giving you
‘real-world’ experience in making a short film from start to finish – with
our next dates 27 – 30 November, and 5 – 8 Feb. *

*About the tutor:*

Mark Saunders, Spectacle’s founder, is the course tutor and is an
award-winning independent filmmaker, media activist and writer. His
expertise in the field spans over two decades. He is currently running
Spectacle Productions, a company which he founded in 1990. Clients have
included Amnesty International, Channel 4, the Rowntree Foundation, the
Howard League for Penal Reform, Council of Europe, Groundwork, the London
Health Commission, and many others. His films have been broadcast
internationally and exhibited at galleries, including Tate Britain, the
National Film Theatre, the Institute of Contemporary Art, Musee des
Beaux-Arts,  the National Media Museum and the Photographers Gallery. He is
a founder member of the INURA  (International Network for Urban Research
and Action). He has also been teaching for over 15 years, and has been a
visiting lecturer at a number of institutions, including London School of
Economics, the Royal College of Art, the London College of Communications,
Bournemouth, Florence, and Coventry Universities. He is currently teaching
film at Birkbeck College and recently presented at the Association of
Social Anthropology’s Edinburgh Dicennial conference, June 2014.

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