Asexuality and Sexual Normativity: An Anthology (20% discount)

Granted it’s 20% off a book priced at £85 but, as they sent it to me, I might as well circulate it. The code is IRK71 and works through the T&F Psychology Press page here. The book is an extended version of the Psychology & Sexuality special issue we produced a couple of years ago*. If you’re feeling supportive but understandably don’t want to buy the book, you can recommend it to your library here. This is the blurb for the anthology:

The last decade has seen the emergence of an increasingly high profile and politically active asexual community, united around a common identity as ‘people who do not experience sexual attraction’. This unique volume collects a diverse range of interdisciplinary empirical and theoretical work which addresses this emergence, raising important and timely questions about asexuality and its broader implications for sexual culture. One of the most pressing and contentious issues within academic and public debates about asexuality is what relationship, if any, it has to sexual dysfunction.

As well as collecting cutting edge scholarship in the emerging field of asexuality studies, rendering it indispensable to any sexualities course across the range of disciplines, this anthology also addresses this urgent debate, offering a variety of perspectives on how and why some have pathologised asexuality. This includes a range of chapters addressing the broader issues of sexual normativity within which these contemporary debates about asexuality are taking place.

*Which is another way of saying that there’s nothing you can get for £85 which you can’t get by spending half an hour downloading PDFs from the journal’s website.

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