Intersex: Medical, Cultural & Historical Contexts Symposium Dec. 5-6, 2013

Intersex: Medical, Cultural and Historical Contexts

December 5 & 6, 2013

James J. Leos Symposium in LGBT Studies

University of Arizona

This two-day symposium explores intersex issues-the condition of having “ambiguous genitalia,” once known as hermaphroditism, now referred to (somewhat controversially) as “disorders of sex development.” It will offer interdisciplinary perspectives drawn from the medical humanities, medicine, anthropology, and patient advocacy. Over the course of the symposium, we will hear from a medical anthropologist who will discuss the role of intersex conditions in the sex-testing of athletes in women’s international sports competitions, a historian of medicine about the origins of the contemporary paradigm for medically managing intersex conditions, from a medical clinician who works with intersex patients today, from a prominent advocate for intersex youth and their parents, and from a self-identified intersex scholar/activist.

For more information, including the schedule and speaker biographies, visit<>
Sponsored by the University of Arizona Institute for LGBT Studies,

Symposium Schedule and Additional Information

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