BiReCon 2014 – bisexual conference Call for Papers

Call for Papers
Please circulate – any queries to

BiReCon 2014: Out in the World
Forging links between research and communities

BiReCon is a conference for anyone with an interest in contributing to, or finding out about, current work on bisexuality. The conference aims to bring together academics, professionals, activists, and bisexual communities. It is organised by BiUK ( and is held every two years – see the BiUK website for information about past BiReCons. This year it will take place on Thursday 31st July 2014 at Leeds Trinity University.

We invite papers and workshop sessions that include but are not limited to the following:

* Bisexuality, wellbeing and health (including mental health)
* The implications of bisexual identities and labels.
* Bisexuality and communities.
* Bisexual people’s access to, and experiences of, health and other services.
* Inclusion and erasure of bisexual people in politics and activism.
* Representations of bisexuality in media, culture and literature.
* Intersections with other aspects of experience such as physical disability, age, race/ethnicity, nationality, gender (both trans- and cis-gender) and social class.
* Public engagement in bisexuality research.

We welcome papers from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines including social sciences, health sciences, arts and humanities, therapeutic practitioners, activists and others. During the day there will be opportunities to:

* Find out about issues affecting bisexual people
* Hear from experts about cutting-edge research on bisexuality
* Discuss ways in which organisations can better work with, and for, bisexual people, drawing on good practice
* Take part in workshops on specific issues

If you would like to present at BiReCon, please provide a 250 word abstract and a brief biography, by28th February 2014 to

If you are interested in facilitating a workshop, roundtable, or panel discussion at BiReCon, which can include data gathering for current projects or research, then please email with a brief description of your workshop by 28th February 2012

For attendees, please watch and for registration details.

BiUK and BiReCon are community organisations so unfortunately there are no funds for presenters or travel expenses. However, BiReCon provides an excellent opportunity to network with others working in the field, to share good practice, and there will be spaces available to conduct research which fits within the ethos of the event.

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