Month: February 2013

Normality in an uncertain world 6th ENQUIRE Postgraduate Conference, 10th and 11th September 2013 Call for Abstracts This conference aims to bring together post-graduates and researchers, with an interest in normality, to explore the development, current application and possible future of such research. We are pleased to confirm our keynote speakers: Derek McGhee, Professor of […]

How do you make decisions about ethical questions when designing online research? Where are the gray or sticky areas? What resources have helped– what do you need? The New Social Media, New Social Science project would like your input so we can assess what resources are needed. Please share your insights, frustrations and questions in […]

The four features of internal conversation: privacy, ellipsis, personalization and context dependency. The first refers to the unavoidable interiority of internal conversation, as well as the topical freedom and the impossibility of misinterpreting the literal meaning of our inner dialogues. The second refers to the contraction of internal conversation relative to external speech, such that […]

I first encountered the idea of academic podcasting when working for a University of Warwick based project a few years ago. It gave a small stipend to PhD students in exchange for producing a short podcast profiling the research of someone within the university, which was then edited and posted online by myself and the […]

The word ‘blogging’ often has negative connotations. Yet blogging can be understood both as an output and as a platform. Many negative views about blogging are connected to a certain idea of what it is: a single author, using it as a forum to express their views to a world which, in my cases, isn’t particularly interested. However this […]

What’s the point of Twitter? Twitter has an image problem. It first penetrated the public consciousness in a way which has left it defined by celebrities and, particularly for academics, this is unattractive. However the academic twittersphere (for lack of a better term) is a relatively self-enclosed ecosystem. While you’ll undoubtedly find a bit of celebrity gossip […]

Do you value your ideas? If you’re reading this website then chances are you answered ‘yes’ to that question. Yet unless you record all your ideas I’d argue that you don’t value them. At least not as much as you could. It’s a difficult habit to acquire and it can be time-consuming. But technology is making it so much […]

EDUCATION AND LEARNING: SOCIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVES Wednesday, 25th September 2013, University of Surrey CALL FOR PAPERS Keynote speaker: Heather Mendick, Brunel University This one-day conference, supported by the British Sociological Association’s Education Study Group, will showcase the diverse and innovative range of research that is currently being conducted within the Sociology of Education. We welcome theoretical, […]

“The Last Outing: Exploring end of life experiences and care needs in the lives of older LGBT people”. The study has been funded by Marie Cure Cancer Care Research Programme, and is led by Dr Kathryn Almack at the University of Nottingham. We are now at the stage of launching our survey and we are […]

Evaluative playgrounds Audit and government after neoliberalism Dr. Will Davies Assistant Professor, Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies 4-5.30pm, Monday 11th February Cowling Room, S2.77, Social Sciences Building Neoliberalism depends on forms of audit and government, through which activity can be subjected to independent economic evaluation and critique. The epistemological crisis of neoliberalism consists of the collapse […]