Doing research inclusively, doing research well, 7-8 Feb, Southampton

Course: Doing research inclusively, doing research well
Date and place: 7-8 February 2013, Southampton
Presenters: Professor Melanie Nind and Dr Hilra Vinha
Fees: £60 for UK registered PhD students; £120 for staff at UK academic institutions, ESRC funded researchers and registered charity organisations; £440 for all other participants.

Further info and register:

This training is a dialogical encounter based on the approach of Paulo Freire. It builds from an ESRC study looking at quality and capacity in inclusive research in which researchers outside and inside the academy, with and without a label of learning disabilities, came together in focus groups to discuss their research methods, priorities and working practices. The research generated guidance for judging quality in inclusive research with people with learning disabilities, together with practical guidance and case study materials for teaching which are used here. The trainers work from the position that it is unhelpful to limit ourselves to an uncritical ‘nothing about us without us’ agenda in which one way of doing inclusive research becomes prescribed and policed. Instead, there are many different models of inclusive research and much to be learned from exploring these. Participants should expect an interactive/active experience using dialogue and involving seeing, reading, using and developing a range of methods that change the dynamics of knowledge production. The examples come from the field of learning disabilities but the methods have relevance for researchers in other fields.

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