“What on earth will I tweet about?”: feeling comfortable with social media as an academic

Curious about social media but unsure where to start? This hour long webinar will explore the issues faced by academics when using social media to communicate online:

  • Being clear about what your goals are.
  • Understanding the potential benefits for academics of using social media.
  • Deciding which platforms and tools are right for you.
  • Managing personal and professional identity online.
  • Knowing what to tweet and blog about
  • Feeling comfortable on social media
  • Integrating social media into your daily working routines

The webinar takes place later this year. If you’d like to be notified when registration is open, fill out the form below:

Mark Carrigan is a sociologist at the University of Warwick. He works as a social media trainer and researcher for the Digital Change programme, recently completing a detailed analysis of the academic publishing landscape and a feasibility study for the establishment of a Warwick ePress. He co-ordinates a range of online publishing initiatives, including Sociology@Warwick and the Sociological Imagination, as well as exploring how digital technology can be used in all aspects of his practice as a researcher.

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