Month: June 2011

Remember when teachers, doctors, nurses and lollipop ladies crashed the stock market, wiped out banks, took billions in bonuses and paid no tax? No … me neither. Please copy and paste this into your status for 24 hours to show your support for the strike against the UK government’s latest attack against public sector workers.

The full version of an article by Martin Eve and Jennifer Jones on the Guardian website last week. Makes for superb reading, particularly this bit which stood out to me after a year of teaching 5 undergraduate seminars a week: The PhD sits at the eye of this whirlwind of commodification, poised as it is […]

In this podcast I talk to Dr Nadine Lewycky, Arts Impact Officer at the University of Warwick about what her work involves and broader issues relating to the impact agenda for the arts and humanities. For more information about her work see here

Core academic values are profoundly imperilled by the government’s higher education ‘reforms’. In this presentation I engage with the theoretical question of what these values are, as well as how they are threatened, as a basis for formulating strategies for their defence. I argue for the need to distinguish between the cultural and structural dimensions […]