Month: February 2011

The government should cut its ties with the “expansionist” European Court of Human Rights, says a report by a right-leaning think tank. The Policy Exchange report says the recent row over prisoners’ voting rights highlights the issue. The report, written by a former government adviser, Dr Michael Pinto-Duschinsky, says the UK has become “subservient” to […]

Business organisation the Institute of Directors (IoD) has called for collective bargaining to be scrapped for teachers and NHS staff. They are among a set of proposals the trades unions have described as a “Thatcherite fantasy world”. The IoD put a series of recommendations to government to cut red tape and boost private sector growth. […]

“And for some there was a sense that they wanted others to witness their vows not simply as a statement of love or of politics, but in order to make real or tangible what had hitherto been private promises. It was as if making public their commitment meant that there would be an external check […]

Although only a single chapter of this book deals explicitly with normativity, it is a credit to Elder-Vass that much of the book either supports or proceeds from his arguments about norms. In this post I will only engage with this one chapter but it’s worth noting that the book as a whole is excellent, […]

This is a second attempt to visually represent the ontology I’m working within in my PhD research. ¬†One of my key aims is to try and offer an emergent account of psychobiography, able to capture the complex multidimensional causality which shapes a particular person’s unfolding biographical trajectory. The top half of the diagram represents the […]