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  • Too much Zoom in the post-pandemic university

    After the longest holiday I’ve had for years, I’ve started to feel seriously depressed about the quantity of Zoom meetings in my calendar over the coming weeks. I’m currently at an intensive workshop with long term collaborators where we’ve spent all day/evening talking to each other. It’s enjoyable to immerse yourself in interaction with others […]

  • What is it that’s special about face to face events? Perspectives from Peter Sloterdijk and Randall Collins

    This question has preoccupied me throughout the pandemic as someone who missed organising face-to-face events but also hoped the crisis would lead to a shift towards online meetings becoming the norm, unless there was some pressing purpose served by meeting in person. There are two obvious theoretical perspectives to bring to such a question. For […]

  • These poor people live in these tiny apartments: Zoom as a window into the lifeworld in an unequal society

    Until working on a paper about Zoom culture this afternoon, I’d completely forgotten this incredible interaction which was shared by Lukas Gage after a director forgot to mute himself during an audition:

  • The loneliness of knowledge production during a pandemic

    The loneliness of knowledge production during a pandemic

    We need to recognise the pandemic doesn’t have an ‘off’ switch, but rather will fade through a gradual process of normalising for increasingly large swathes of people alongside an ever present background of resurgent threat. This means that we won’t have a return to ‘normality’, but rather a slow, precarious and contested transition into a new reality.

  • What will hybrid offices look like?

    What will hybrid offices look like?

    There was a really interesting feature in yesterday’s Protocol Sourcecode newsletter about a ‘flattening’ taking place as home offices become more professionalised while conferences rooms are becoming more virtualised to facilitate hybrid meetings. It makes the important observation that firms like Zoom are starting to pivot into this space in anticipation of hybrid offices becoming […]

  • Running an online conference

    Notes from the SoLAR Webinar Running an Online Conference The convenors Vitomir Kovanovic and Maren Scheffel described their experience of turning a large (500 person) conference into an online conference at short notice due to the Covid-19 pandemic. They observed that most online conferences have tended to be run with people experienced with online platforms, […]