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For the last few years, I’ve been renting a virtual server from 5 Quid Hosts. I use this to host two sites with moderate traffic (Discover Society and Sociological Imagination) as well as a series of much smaller sites with negligible traffic. The performance started to diminish around a year ago and it’s been getting […]

Unfortunately it seems the new version of WordPress has an irritating tendency to miss scheduled posts. This won’t be an issue for many blogs but if you schedule a lot of posts in advance then it can be very irritating – I just found that sociologicalimagination.org hasn’t published a new post since Friday despite there […]

For the last few weeks the CPU usage for Sociological Imagination’s server had been running at 100%. Having had this experience before, I was assiduously avoiding any unnecessary memory intensive plug ins and keeping everything regularly updated. Given that the site was starting to crash on a regular basis, I investigated further and found near continual traffic […]