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I’ll add this special issue of Sociological Research Online to my collection Sociological Imagination and UK Riots. Collisions, Coalitions and Riotous Subjects: Reflections, Repercussions and Reverberations – an Introduction by Kim Allen, Sumi Hollingworth, Ayo Mansaray and Yvette Taylor http://www.socresonline.org.uk/18/4/1.html Reflections on a ‘Depressing Inevitability’ by Marisa Silvestri http://www.socresonline.org.uk/18/4/2.html Collisions, Coalitions and Riotous Subjects: The […]

Saturday 15th October, 2011, Birmingham Midland Institute £10 waged, £5 unwaged The recent civil disturbances across a number of English cities have provoked much commentary and debate. However, there has been little sustained analysis of the events, their causes and likely consequences. This symposium is one in a series of unrelated endeavours to bring public […]

I’ve been reading Chavs by Owen Jones all day and I’m surprised by quite how broadly thought-provoking it is. From the reviews I was certainly expecting a good book but not such a sensitive and wide ranging engagement with the culture and politics of modern Britain. One thing that particularly piqued my curiosity was his references […]

An absolutely superb letter in the Guardian from the British Sociological Association about the contribution sociology can make to understanding the UK Riots: One of the first things that disappears when considering disturbances such as these is perspective. One loses sight of the fact that nine out of 10 local residents aren’t rioting, that nine out of 10 […]