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“Spotlight on Asexuality Studies” was a groundbreaking event hosted by the Identity Repertoires/Mind the Gap research group in the Department of Sociology at the University of Warwick, UK.  Academics, activists, community members, therapists and students gathered in the university library and online to discuss contemporary asexual research, with papers presented both in-person and from the […]

My chapter outline for the book I’m planning for this research project: Late Capitalism and A/Sexual Culture Introduction Part 1 The History of Asexuality The Asexual Community Asexual Experience The Sexual Assumption Sexual Culture Part 2 The Sociology of Intimate Life 1949 – 1979 The Sociology of Intimate Life Life 1980 – 1997 The Sociology […]

Most of us see ourselves as living in a sexually liberated age. Having thrown off the shackles of prejudice and prudishness, we believe ours is an enlightened culture where we tolerate sexual difference and value sexual choice. Yet are we as well adjusted about sex as we tend to think we are? Drawing on my […]

An interesting article in today’s Times (which I can’t link to because of the paywall) about the growth of ‘friendship with benefits’. It reports findings of research in the US which suggests that such relationships are becoming a lot more demographically varied (rather than being the preserve of university students) and that “unexpectedly … both […]