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  • Keanu Reeves = philosopher of social acceleration

    There’s a lovely extract from this interview with (notoriously immortal) Keanu Reeves about his experience of passing time. He suggests the image of an audio tape early in the conversation: Each year, he says, seems to slip away that little bit faster than the last, something that always puts him in mind of the turning […]

  • A few sketchy thoughts on how theory is accelerating

    A few sketchy thoughts on how theory is accelerating

    To speak of the acceleration of social theory can sound counter intuitive, as we often regard theory as a quintessentially slow pursuit in which careful reflection leads to a gradual accumulation of insight. But there are a number of mundane senses in which theory is getting faster: There is likely to be more being published […]

  • The social ontology of trans-human life

    My notes on Maccarini, A. M. (2018). Trans-human (life-) time: Emergent biographies and the ‘deep change’in personal reflexivity. In Realist Responses to Post-Human Society: Ex Machina (pp. 138-164). Routledge. One of the interesting features of the recent Centre for Social Ontology project on defending the human has been the realisation that many in the group are entirely open to the […]

  • An existential analytics of speed

    Integral to Harmut Rosa’s Social Acceleration (all references are to this book) is an understanding of cultural responses to acceleration and the role they play in intensifying the acceleration of the pace of life. This is not simply a matter of the valorisation of speed; in fact being satisfied with the identification of such a sentiment would be to restrict […]

  • Social Acceleration

    It is a common sentiment that life is getting faster. However is it accurate and, if so, what does it mean? To talk of life, or social life, speeding up necessitates some working definition of ‘social life’ and what it would be for it to accelerate. Unfortunately these notions are more elusive than they may otherwise […]