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I really wish I could go to this but unfortunately it clashes with something I can’t get out of. I’ve wanted to engage more seriously with psychosocial studies for ages: THE PSYCHOSOCIAL IMAGINATION A symposium to celebrate the launch of The Association for Psychosocial Studies Friday 13 June 2014 10.30am – 6.30pm at The British […]

I’ve just started reading Ian Craib’s Experiencing Identity. I’ve intended to read his work for a while and I’m already quite taken with it. It seems to be exactly the sort of realist engagement with the psychosocial that I’ve been looking for, after getting increasingly frustrated by ‘psychosocial studies’ but nonetheless being profoundly aware that […]

One writer who made a huge impact on me during my transition from philosophy to sociology was Ken Plummer. There are many aspects of his work which I now have problems with but I think my engagement with his work (particularly Sexual Stigma, Telling Sexual Stories and Documents of Life) had a big impact on […]

For those interested in psychosocial approaches to research, this video series I just stumbled across will be of interest. It’s from a seminar series which was jointly organised by people from Cardiff University and City University a few years ago. It aimed to “bring recent interest in affect with older traditions, especially those developed in […]

The idea of the psychosocial (or psycho-social) can be traced back to Sigmund Freud’s early writings, particularly ‘The Future of an Illusion’ and ‘Civilization and its Discontents’ address sociological notions of structures, classes, society, the masses as well as psychoanalytic concepts of the individual, the psyche, the Superego, drives, etc. Many scholars after Freud have […]