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I spent yesterday in London helping out with an event by the Survivor Research Network which was being supported by The Sociological Review. We were keen to profile participants at the event in a way that gave a sense of the range of people involved, as well as how this shaped what people brought to the […]

Thanks to Nick Kaufman for this great example of how social media can be used to overcome the limits imposed by academic jargon. It took me a minute to get the hang of what they’re trying to do with this project but I really like it. It’s produced by the MIT Community Innovators Lab.

I’ve never understood why more PhD students and Early Career Researchers don’t produce podcasts. I’ve wondered this for a long time and the question came back to me when reading this post on LSE Impact. I think she overstates the case slightly (both in terms of the degree to which social media reproduces existing hierarchies […]

There’s a great post on Savage Minds here which discusses a new anthropology podcast series. It makes some important points about the potential value of academic podcasts: Its fascinating to listen to the interview version of an article (in fact, its much more convenient than reading the article!) but its even more fascinating to have […]