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What will hybrid offices look like?

There was a really interesting feature in yesterday’s Protocol Sourcecode newsletter about a ‘flattening’ taking place as home offices become more professionalised while conferences rooms are becoming more virtualised to facilitate hybrid meetings. It makes the important observation that firms like Zoom are starting to pivot into this space in […]

the sociology of corporate perks

The business press has always had a tendency to focus on the perks offered to staff in tech firms. I don’t think they’re manifestations of enlightened, almost non-hierarchical leadership, as some would suggest. But I don’t think they’re trivial either. But don’t take my word for it – here’s Eric […]

the deroutinisation of work

What other practices are there which should be added to this list? From The Pathology of Communicative Capitalism by David Hill, loc 877: For example, ‘alternative officing’, the business practice of having workers frequently change the location they occupy, is designed to add spontaneity to the work day in order […]