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When music and fiction mingle

In the last week, I found myself unable to put down The Secret History by Donna Tartt. Coincidentally, I happened to be listening to The Mighty Ocean & the Nine Dark Theaters by Astronautalis throughout the week. I now can’t listen to the song below without immediately being transported into […]

the backstory to creative work

I just came across this series of videos in which Aesop Rock explains the backstory to his album Skelethon. I’m struck by the thought that there’s no piece of creative work I care about that wouldn’t leave me interested to hear such a story about it. Particularly when it has […]

this is not a pipe

This is not a chair That is not a table This is not a cup That is not a kettle It is not raining My shoe is not untied I have not been unhappy my whole life This is not a wall That is not a ceiling This is not […]

Upper Clapton Dance (cc @Mookron)

Reading this excellent paper in the Sociological Review reminded me of this video which I’d not seen for ages: The comments on the video would be interesting to analyse in the terms Malcolm James adopts in the paper: Back when Pro Green was a G. Now he’s makin tunes to […]

Social Acceleration and Musical Innovation

I just came across a lovely point in Harmut Rosa’s book about the relationship between social change and musical innovation. Certain forms of music come to be seen as emblematic of the age but, as that age changes so too does the sensibility which is brought to bear upon that music: today certain […]

Valuing electronic music

Valuing Electronic Music Upstairs at The Lexington, 96-98 Pentonville Rd, London N1 9JB 6 June 2014 4.30-10pm Admission free Valuing Electronic Music is an ongoing study of electronic music and the people who value it, carried out by Daniel Allington (Open University), Anna Jordanous (King’s College, London), and Byron Dueck(Open University). Our work explores how the […]