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SSHA CALL FOR PAPERS Macrohistorical Dynamics Network 41st Annual Meeting of the Social Science History Association Chicago IL 17-20 November 2016 Submission Deadline: 20 February 2016 “Knowledge in an Interdisciplinary World” We invite you to take part in Macrohistorical Dynamics (MHD) panels of the 41th annual meeting of the Social Science History Association, November 17-20, […]

The closest thing I have to an historiographical¬†principle is to always be suspicious of what Charles Taylor calls ‘subtraction stories’. While he uses the concept to refer to congratulatory stories of rational emancipation in which human beings have gradually dispensed with myths and illusions that served to limit them, it can equally be applied to […]

I just came across a passage by James Meek in which he describes being drawn to, the obscure realm of events that are too fresh for history, but too old for journalism; the murky gap of popular perception that covers the period from two years ago to about twenty-five years back, in which events are […]