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Two new songs that are apparently from Brian Fallon’s impending solo album. I’m not that keen on the first but I can’t get the second out of my head. I still wish Gaslight Anthem hadn’t split up but it’s been a long time since I’ve looked forward to an album release this much.

Unfortunately it’s not Brian Fallon singing Wonderwall (something which would complete my life). But it’s still pretty good: The one thing I’d like to see more than a cover of Wonderwall would be a cover of Masterplan. I think it would be one of those rare covers that could be better than the original, at […]

I’ve heard Gaslight Anthem cover this Bon Iver song more than once but have never been able to find a video of it. At last! The cover starts at 3 minutes in and it fits gloriously into¬†Angry Johnny & the Radio. I’ve put the combined lyrics below, with Bon Iver’s in bold. Don’t think twice […]

I learned how to hammer in the burning August sun I learned how to lie and cheat, how to steel and just how to run I fell asleep most nights with somebody else’s blood on my tongue, Your tongue You learned just how to run But it’s just the blues, Mary the blues Swirling around […]

I have no idea why but I woke up with this stuck in my head. Posted here in an attempt to externalise it and get on with my day: I’m broke and I’m hungry, I’m hard up and I’m lonely I’ve been dancing on this killing floor for years And of the few things I […]

Give me mercy and a minute now I’m a bleed a little poison out I’m a cry a little river down And then I’m setting this whole thing on fire And I’m burning up the night she died And I’m putting every last picture aside I’m gonna say what I need to say In my […]