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  • From data-driven politics to weaponised social media

    This illuminating Vanity Fair article captures an important transition in digital politics, as the data science driven Clinton campaign was eclipsed by the social media savvy Trump campaign: While Democrats spent the last decade running A/B tests and refining their voter models, Republicans stumbled into learning how to weaponize content on social media by going […]

  • Cf Papers & Panels: “Internet & Politics: from Local to Global Politics”

    Call for Papers and PanelsInternet and Politics: From Local to Global Politics Section at the ECPR General Conference | 7-10.September.16 | Prague Section Chairs Andrea Calderaro (Cardiff University) Alexandra Segerberg (Stockholm University) Abstract The Section aims to explore Internet and Politics across its multiple dimensions in a global and comparative perspective. While the research area […]

  • CfP: Political Agency in the Digital Age: Media, Participation and Democracy

    An interesting call for papers emerging from an excellent conference I was at last month: CfP Special Issue of Media and Communication (Guest Editors: Anne Kaun, Julie Uldam, Maria Kyriakidou) Political Agency in the Digital Age: Media, Participation and Democracy Based on the successful conference Political Agency in the Digital Age (9-10 October 2015), we […]

  • digital micro-politics and digital macro-politics 

    In a number of books, Nikos Mouzelis offers a really important critique of the tendency to equate ‘micro’ with face-to-face and ‘macro’ with impersonal and international. He cites an international summit, Yalta if I remember correctly, as an example of a face-to-face encounter that is very much macro. I was thinking about this when reading […]