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Neo-progressive cat accelerates strategically in order to realise universal possibilities of the Outside. pic.twitter.com/fq3opdXOZ5 — Mark Carrigan (@mark_carrigan) April 23, 2016 Neo-progressive cat identifies problems with consumption in broader structural context, rather than corporate agency pic.twitter.com/c02pd9KzVK — Mark Carrigan (@mark_carrigan) April 23, 2016 Neo-progressive cat wants to play games, particularly for communal dimension but fears […]

Much deserved Guardian coverage of the weird phenomenon that is the internet cat video festival. What grips me about things like this is not the fact that people are trying to make money from their cats, but rather that many others people are trying and failing to make money from their cats. Not unlike the aspiring professional […]

Walking home in the rain earlier today, I encountered a very fluffy and very wet cat sitting unhappily outside someone’s front door. Upon getting my attention, the cat insistently tried to lead me towards the front door in the hope that I would open it. It’s not the first time I’ve noticed cats doing this and I […]