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Notes for a talk tomorrow It’s now been quite some time since I undertook my research on asexuality. It was initially motivated by sheer curiosity, as I guess research should be under ideal conditions: I’d met a couple of asexual people socially around the time I was completing a masters degree project on sexual identity. […]

          The screenshot below is from an ‘Easy Read document’ attached to “The Government’s plan for dealing with hate crime” in the UK. I’m looking for other examples of asexuality being institutionally recognised. Preferably ones with a source I can cite but I’d also be interested in any anecdotal evidence of growing […]

In recent years a growing research literature has addressed Asexuality, commonly defined as ‘not experiencing sexual attraction’, with a diverse range of contributions being made from a variety of fields. This article is intended as an accessible review of the topic, framed in terms of the core questions which have been addressed within the field […]

The sexual assumption is the usually unexamined presupposition that sexual attraction is both universal (everyone ‘has it’) and uniform (it’s fundamentally the same thing in all instances) such that its absence must be explicable in terms of a distinguishable pathology. All from this Guardian article about asexuality earlier in the week: What, not even a bit of mild […]

I got completely sucked into this discussion all afternoon. I had three initial aims with my asexuality research: mapping out community in a ideographically adequate way, understanding the role the internet played in the formation of the community and exploring what the reception of asexuality reveals about sexual culture. There’s still more I want to […]

Fringe! Gay Film Fest is proud to announce the UK Premiere of Angela Tucker’s documentary (A)sexual on Saturday 14th April at Rio Cinema, London. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Michael J Dore and members of AVEN UK (Asexuality Visibility and Education Network). For more information on Fringe! visit their website at […]