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  • I founded The Sociological Imagination in June 2010 and have continued to edit it since then. During that time we’ve had
  • I’ve solely or jointly maintained a digital presence for many other projects and organisations in the past: The British Sociological Association’s Postgraduate Forum, The British Sociological Association’s Digital Sociology Group, The British Sociological Association’s Realism and Social Research Group, The British Sociological Association’s Theory Group, Sociology@Warwick, The Digital Change Global Priority Programme, The Asexuality Studies Network, The Digital Social Science Forum, The Centre for Social Ontology, The Data Science Lab, The International Journal of Social Research Methodology, Campaign for the Public University. 



My own research has always been driven by a desire to engage with wider publics. My work has been featured in the Guardian, Vice, BBC News, The Atlantic, The Times, Huffington Post, The Observer, The Herald, The Metro US, BBC News Magazine, The Scotsman, Wired, Glamour, The Straits Times, Guardian Higher Education and many smaller online and print outlets internationally. I’ve been interviewed by BBC Radio 4, BBC 3, Newstalk, RTL Belgium and BBC Coventry & Warwickshire. I’ve also regularly consulted with journalists, curators and activists who have sought my support as a researcher. This has included co-developing educational workshops grounded in my research findings.