Asexuality Studies

Usually defined as people who do not experience sexual attraction, I became fascinated by asexuality immediately after (knowingly) meeting an asexual person for the first time.

I also co-edited a book about Asexuality Studies and a special issue of Psychology & Sexuality. These projects follow on from an earlier book I co-edited about sexualities.

As well as these publications, I wrote and spoke about Asexuality across a diverse range of forums. Here’s a project I worked on with my friend Holly Falconer which was published in Vice. Here I am talking at the WorldPride conference in 2012 about asexuality research:

These reflections on studying asexuality for a year, five years and six years give a sense of how my interests developed over time. I’m still deeply interested in asexuality as a case study of self-categorisation. I talk abut this idea here:

Along with Ruth Pearce and Lyndsey Moon, I organised the world’s first symposium on Asexuality. Some of the videos from the event are attached below:

I’ve also been interviewed many times for print and broadcast media. Here are some of my favourites, courtesy of the Asexuality Media Archive:

I really like this short documentary I contributed to:

My favourite article I contributed to was this one by Rachel Hills in the Atlantic.