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Because we’re leaving them to their own devices The poorest are making all of the sacrifices – The cost of living crisis, house prices, the cost of a deposit, I don’t give a shit But yes of course we should address it So we will blame the deficit on people claiming benefits And as we […]

As anyone who reads my blog regularly might have noticed, I’m a fan of Colin Crouch’s notion of post-democracy. I’ve interviewed him about it a couple of times: once in 2010 and again in 2013. Whereas he’d initially offered the notion to illuminate a potential trajectory, in the sense that we risk becoming post-democratic, we more latterly see a social […]

This week’s George Monbiot column in the Guardian is excellent. It paints a vivid picture of the full scale of corporate capture of the democratic process at a time when the Institute of Directors proclaims a “generational struggle” to defend the “principles of the free-market”: The corporate consensus is enforced not only by the lack […]

Do you remember compassionate conservatism? It seemed vacuous when promulgated by George Bush pre-9/11 and even more so when David Cameron was going through his ‘hug a husky’ phase pre-crisis. It still seems vacuous now, at the point of its purported resurgence, though much more interestingly so given the broader ideological context within which an increasing number […]

I listened to a fascinatingly crap podcast while in the gym earlier – Robin Aitken, introduced solely as a ‘Tory supporter’ but last seen complaining about institutional discrimination against conservatives during his career at the BBC, has produced an episode of Analysis on Radio 4 exploring whether anti-conservative sentiment is the last acceptable prejudice. It’s a […]

And to complete this clear out of things that were in my inbox that looked too interesting not to share: Youth activism and resistance conference, Friday 13th June 2014, University of Leicester, UK On Friday 13th of June the University of Leicester will be hosting one of the British Sociological Association’s Regional Postgraduate Events. The theme of this […]

Call for Papers   FUTURES IN QUESTION   11-12 September 2014   Goldsmiths, University of London    How is the future imagined, planned for and manifested as the site of social and political struggle? Is the idea of progress towards a better future challenged as a result of financial, environmental, political and health crises? How […]