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The Board of The Sociological Review are pleased to announce that the journal is sponsoring a single-themed Research Seminar Series (which may consist of three or more research seminars) as well as three One Day Symposia events.  The Board hopes to make this funding available on an annual basis. Guidelines for Applicants The proposed Research Seminar Series […]

The potential value and dangers of sociological blogging arise because of an environment in which the demands of audit culture incentivise the production of ‘unread’ and ‘unloved’ publications which are too often written to be counted rather than to be read. The risk is that sociological blogging gets drawn into the pernicious logic of these metrics […]

Earlier this week, NatCen Social Research hosted a meeting between myself, Chris Gilson (USApp), Cristina Costa and Mark Murphy (Social Theory Applied), Donna Peach (PhD Forum) and Kelsey Beninger (NSMNSS) to discuss possible collaborations between social science bloggers in the UK and share experiences about developing and sustaining social science blogs over time. We didn’t do […]

In a recent paper Tero Piiroinen argued that the intellectual axis of contemporary sociological theory has shifted from a concern with individualism and holism to what he terms dualism and anti-dualism. I’m not convinced as to the accuracy of this as a claim about the state of the field given the degree of sophistication which can […]

I just came across a lovely point in Harmut Rosa’s book about the relationship between social change and musical innovation. Certain forms of music come to be seen as emblematic of the age but, as that age changes so too does the sensibility which is brought to bear upon that music: today certain forms of jazz music that, […]

This open and web based project aims to contribute to a rethinking of the sociological canon and debates about the past and future of the discipline. Would you like to contribute to An Alternative History of Sociology? There’s more information here about the project and its aims. Though it’s still in an early stage, we’d be interested in […]

In this lovely dialogue hosted on the Goldsmiths website, thanks to Dave Beer for flagging it up, Bev Skeggs discusses the contemporary sociological imagination with Les Back. To begin they discuss discomfort and dislocation as an integral aspect of the sociological imagination, engendering an inability to take the familiarity of things for granted, instead prompting a […]

Crisis and Social Change: Towards Alternative Horizons. Call for Papers. Deadline Monday July 21st. Organized by the Department of Sociology, Cambridge University Date: Sep 26-27, 2014 Venue: Faculty of Human, Social, and Political Sciences, Free School Lane, Cambridge, CB2 3RQ This conference moves beyond crisis as a category of diagnosis and critique to explore alternative […]

BSA Activism in Sociology Forum welcomes new contributions from both established and early career researchers as well as sociologists outside of academia to share their hands-on activist experiences or reflections. Contributors are welcome to produce a new piece built around, but not limited to, the themes below or to respond to any future published pieces […]

DISCOVER SOCIETY Measured-Factual-Critical http://discoversociety.org ISSUE FIVE: February 2014   Focus:   Andrew McGettigan Managerialism, Democracy and the New Political Economy of English Higher Education   Articles:                                Mary Stuart Reconnecting and Re–Purposing the Civic Purpose of Universities Diane Reay From Academic Freedom to Academic Capitalism Nick Stevenson Wars Over English The Culture Schools Timothy Clarke, […]

Brendan Halpin just linked to this on my last post. It’s my new favourite xkcd: Sociology seems to produce a number of co-existing and mutually exclusive (semi) paradigms which continually split and re-form in different combinations. Those who are committed to the idea of the necessity of a ‘theoretical core’ frequently argue that such a […]

Plenary: The Social Life of Digital Methods Deborah Lupton, Evelyn Ruppert, Noortje Marres, Mike Savage and Emma Uprichard Friday 25 April 2014. 13:30-15:00 As an inaugural conference session for the BSA Digital Sociology study group, we propose a round table discussion exploring digital methods and their implications for sociological research. Our theme would follow a […]

This is a pre-print of a paper published in Psychology of Sexualities Review, Vol. 4, No. 1, Autumn 2013. A copy of the final article can be obtained here.  While asexuality is usually defined as ‘not experiencing sexual attraction’ amongst those who self-identify as asexual , the question ‘what is asexuality?’ immediately becomes more complex when […]

Issue 2 of online magazine of social research, policy analysis and commentary, Discover Society, out today. DISCOVER SOCIETY Measured-Factual-Critical http://discoversociety.org ISSUE TWO: November 2013     Focus:   Danny Dorling Dismantling Universalism: Inequality and Public Health   Articles:                           John Brewer Culture, Class and Protestantism in Urban Belfast  Lynn Jamieson John MacInnes and                                 Sin Yi Cheung […]

DISCOVER SOCIETY Measured-Factual-Critical http://discoversociety.org The first issue includes articles by: Gurminder K. Bhambra, Sam Friedman, Jacqui Gabb and Janet Fink, Peter Taylor-Gooby, Suzanne Hall, Lisa McKenzie, Alice Mah, James Nazroo, Karen Rowlingson and Steve McKay, Emma Uprichard, Alan Warde, and Mike Savage Further details: Twitter: @discoversoc (https://twitter.com/DiscoverSoc) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/discoversociety Email: discoversociety@outlook.com Managing Editors: John Holmwood (University of […]