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the acceleration of viruses and malware 

From Countdown to Zero Day, by Kim Zetter, loc 1000-1018: When Chien joined Symantec, antivirus researchers were like the Maytag repairman in those iconic ads— they had a lot of downtime. Viruses were still rare and tended to spread slowly via floppy disks and the “sneaker net”— carried from one […]

CfP: Demystifying Blockchain Through an STS Lens

Demystifying Blockchain Through an STS Lens: Challenges and Opportunitiesof a New Infrastructure for the Commons.* “The reward of labour is life. Is that not enough?” William Morris (1834-1896) In News from Nowhere (Morris 1890/2008), the narrator, William Guest, finds himself in a future society based on common ownership and democratic […]

the origins of apple as a luxury goods company 

From Jony Ive, by Leander Kahney, pg 104: Jobs aimed at making innovative products again, but he didn’t want to compete in the broader market for personal computers, which was dominated by companies making generic machines for Microsoft’s Windows operating system. These companies competed on price, not features or ease […]

imagining the apple ecosystem 

I found this description of work undertaken in the apple design lab, long before the design of the iPhone, extremely interesting. From Jony Ive, by Leander Kahney, pg 54-56: The idea was to explore a suite of mobile products even further off in the future. Brunner and his team felt […]

the stupidity of auto-correction in the new OS X

No, Apple, when I’m writing “Filip Vostal” I don’t mean “Flip Postal”. The fact your operating system automatically changes the former to the latter is remarkably stupid. The excellent Rex Troumbley calls this coercive ergonomics and it’s one of those concepts that you see examples of everywhere once you’re acquainted with it.

did bill gates predict the smart phone?

From Gates, by Stephen Manes and Paul Andrews, loc 10748: At a February 1993 lecture at the University of Washington, Gates took the “Information at Your Fingertips” concept a step farther by describing a wallet PC that would include everything from a global positioning system to a wireless data transceiver […]