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The Sex Drive Hypothesis

Characteristically, the scientist confronts a complex interaction system – in this case, an interaction between man and opium. He observes a change in the system – the man falls asleep. The scientist then explains the change by giving a name to a fictitious ’cause’, located in one or other component […]

Biological Determinism

Young chimps play make-believe games in which they pretend that a favourite stick is a baby for nurturing and even putting to bed, according to a 14-year study of the animals in Uganda. Biologists watched the chimps in the forests of Kibale National Park in Uganda and found intriguing differences in […]

Commonality and Difference

Lada Adamic, a researcher at HP Labs, studied the users of an online student centre at Stanford called Club Nexus and found that two students were likely to be friends if their interests overlapped, and that the likelihood rose if the shared interests were more specific. (Two people who like […]

Solitude and Interiority

The historians taught us long ago that the King was never left alone. But, in fact, until the end of the seventeeth century, nobody was ever left alone. The density of social life made isolation virtually impossible, and people who managed to shut themselves up in a room for some […]

Welcome to my new blog. For a number of years now I’ve had a personal blog and a research blog but as my PhD has progressed they have got increasingly neglected. The former went into decline because I started to find it much more fun to turn what would be […]