Digital Social Science

Since early 2015, I’ve been convening the Digital Social Science Forum for the Independent Social Research Foundation. Our approach has begun with four themes which we see as key to the emergence of digital social science:

  • Digital Social Ontology
  • The Politics of Digital Data
  • Digital Futures
  • Digital Methodologies

Keep track of the forum’s website for more information about these initiatives. My work for the ISRF means I’m engaged in projects across the four themes, but my particular research interest is in digital social ontology. Here are the talks from a symposium I organised about this for the Centre for Social Ontology in July 2015. This talk I gave at a meeting of the forum gives a sense of where I’m coming from with this topic.

In the past I’ve curated a special section of the LSE Impact Blog on The Politics of Data, edited a special issue of Discover Society on The Politics of Data Science and a series of interviews for the LSE Impact Blog about The Philosophy of Data Science. I previously worked at The Data Science Lab where I co-organised Europe’s first conference on Computational Social Science.