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Out Now: Selected Papers of Margaret Archer

I was first taught by Margaret Archer in 2006, as an MA Philosophy student at the University of Warwick. At that point I was a committed Rortian but the discussions and debates we had in seminars over that year laid the groundwork for my later turn towards critical realism. She subsequently supervised my […]

neil gaiman’s 8 rules of writing

From the Guardian, via BrainPickings: Write Put one word after another. Find the right word, put it down. Finish what you’re writing. Whatever you have to do to finish it, finish it. Put it aside. Read it pretending you’ve never read it before. Show it to friends whose opinion you […]

why are we not boycotting

Via Nick Mahoney. How good does this event look? Why Are We Not Boycotting Coventry University Tuesday 8th December 2015 3:00-6:00pm Ellen Terry Building room ET130  With: Janneke Adema – Chair (Coventry University, UK) Pascal Aventurier (INRA, France) Kathleen Fitzpatrick (MLA/Coventry University, US) Gary Hall (Coventry University, UK) David […]

does your monograph not deserve a trailer?

The idea of a trailer for an academic monograph might seem rather strange at first sight. But it’s a potentially extremely effective way of promoting a book which, as social media for academics continues to institutionalise, will only become more potent. Here’s the most recent example I’ve seen, produced by a […]

Digital footprints

HT to Jack Palmer for this very nicely produced video, introducing the idea of the digital footprint: When I can bring myself to write about social media again, I intend to blog a lot about this. I had some interesting ideas in the final stages of finishing Social Media for […]

attribution in live tweeting

I’m in the process of taking a carving knife to Social Media for Academics so expect more snippets to follow:  As Deborah Lupton has observed in her Digital Sociology, “Some academics are concerned that if their conference papers are live-tweeted at conferences, audio- or videotaped, blogged abut, or otherwise shared on social media by […]

blogging as an outboard brain

This superb post by Cory Doctorow offers a philosophy of blogging extremely similar to what I’ve described as continuous publishing: As a committed infovore, I need to eat roughly six times my weight in information every day or my brain starts to starve and atrophy. I gather information from many sources: print, […]