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Challenging Citizenship: Social Media and Big Data

A special issue I’m really looking forward to reading:

The Journal for Computer Supported Cooperative Work has a special issue on the impact of social media and big data on citizenship.  It appears evident that the emergence of social media platforms and data practices challenges our traditional understanding of citizenship. This special issue investigates telling examples of this process and aims at mapping the various actors of change. Exploratively, the papers describe how social media and data repositories provide possibilities or challenges for civic action, investigate their potential for expanding the media sphere from corporate news coverage to commentary and debate in the blogosphere or address issues that arise through the intensified possibilities of data analysis.

“Challenging Citizenship: Social Media and Big Data”

Editorial Notes “Challenging Citizenship: Social Media and Big Data”
Mirko Tobias Schäfer

Paper: “Genomic Big Data and Privacy: Challenges and Opportunities for Precision Medicine”
Julie Frizzo-Barker, Peter A. Chow-White, Anita Charters, Dung Ha

Paper: “Smart Citizens: Exploring the Tools of the Urban Bottom-Up Movement”
Sabine Niederer, Ruurd Priester

Paper: “Open Data, Crowdsourcing and Game Mechanics. A case study on civic participation in the digital age”
Reinhard A. Handler, Raul Ferrer Conill

Paper: “Bloggers’ Responses to the Snowden Affair: Combining Automated and Manual Methods in the Analysis of News Blogging”
Dag Elgesem, Ingo Feinerer, Lubos Steskal

Paper: “From Publics to Communities: Researching the Path of Shared Issues Through ICT”
Thomas Ludwig, Christian Reuter, Volkmar Pipek

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