Discover Society Issue 2 Out Now

Issue 2 of online magazine of social research, policy analysis and commentary, Discover Society, out today.




November 2013





Danny Dorling

Dismantling Universalism: Inequality and Public Health




John Brewer

Culture, Class and Protestantism in Urban Belfast

 Lynn Jamieson

John MacInnes and

                                Sin Yi Cheung

Tom Shakespeare

How Spare are Bedroom-Tax Rooms?

Creating Public Attitudes to Immigration by Mis-Counting


Day of Reckoning

Kehinde Andrews and

Lisa Palmer

Larry Ray

Why Black Studies Matters


Photography and the Public Sphere

Momin Rahman

Michael Farrelly

The Rise of Ideological Secularism: Quebec’s Proposed Charter of Values  

Debating Energy                      

Fiona McQueen

Rachel Thwaites

More Equal? Still Different?

What’s in a Name? Gendered Naming Practices and Identity in Britain




Julia O’Connell Davidson

What’s Wrong with Modern Slavery? Why Theresa May in Wilberforce’s Clothing Won’t Appeal to All



On the Frontline:


Saul Becker and Joe Sempik

Young Carers


Policy Briefing:

Stephen MacKay

Agency and the Child Support Agency


Managing Editors: John Holmwood (University of Nottingham) and Sue Scott (University of York)

Editorial Board: Kehinde Andrews (Newman University); Lorenza Antonucci (University of West of Scotland); Les Back (Goldsmiths); Ben Baumberg (University of Kent); Gurminder K. Bhambra (University of Warwick); Mark Carrigan (University of Warwick); Suzanne Hall (LSE); Steve MacKay (University of Lincoln); David Mellor (University of Oxford); Katherine Smith (University of Edinburgh); Emma Uprichard (University of Warwick).

Twitter: @discoversoc




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