An excellent introduction to using NVivo that approaches the software from the perspective of the researcher.

Professor Hilary Pilkington, Department of Sociology, University of Manchester

I have personal experience of working with Mark Carrigan as an expert in the qualitative data analysis software Nvivo (8 and 9.2). In my opinion Mark has proved himself as a brilliant instructor and trainer who is able to deliver a very comprehensive training in Nvivo to people with different level of expertise in this software. As a convener of the module ‘Qualitative Methods in Social Research’, I invited Mark for to take part in the Qualitative Data Analysis workshop for MA students at the University of Warwick. The workshop was structured at the hands-on training in Nvivo 8 software. Marks delivery of the training received very high evaluation from students and he was asked to teach on this module for three consequent years. Recently I participated in the Nvivo 9.2 run by Mark for researchers involved in the international research project ‘Memory, Youth, Political Legacy And Civic Engagement funded by the European Commission. The training had been focussed on the very specific objectives and aims relevant to this project’s data analysis strategy. The workshop participants’ level of expertise in NVivo ranged from absolute beginners to advanced users. Later I worked with mark on MYPLACE Qualitative Data Analysis Handbook for which he designed and written Nvivo 9.2 manual. For his work in MYPLACE as a trainer and an author of Nvivo manual mark was highly praised and commended by the researchers who took part in the training he delivered and the MYPLACE team as a whole.

Dr Anton Popov, Department of Sociology, University of Warwick

Mark ran an excellent nVivo training session for myself and a mixed group of academics and PhD students. Expert knowledge and helpful advice dispensed clearly and he kept a good pace to the session which maintained everyone’s focus and energy levels. Would recommend him for any similar assignment.

Adrian Ward, Organisational Psychology, Birkbeck College

Mark provided an all-day introductory Nvivo workshop for our research students at Keele University.  Before the day, Mark was keen to find out the requirements of the students registered on the course so the exercises could be tailored to fit their expectations and existing knowledge of the software .  On the day, the course ran very smoothly.  The feedback from our students noted that the course was very well-paced and pitched at the correct level.  I have since recommended Mark as an Nvivo trainer to colleagues.

Dr Emma Head, Department of Sociology, Keele University. 

I would thoroughly recommend Mark Carrigan, having found him to be an enthusiastic, intelligent and resourceful researcher who brought energy and good ideas to the task he was set. I was very impressed by the quality of the work that resulted and by the way in which it was presented.

Professor Mark Knights, Department of History, University of Warwick

Mark Carrigan is the ideal multi-media promoter of academic material. He combines the talents of an expert social scientist and a savvy audio-visual producer who can work comfortably with academics, whatever their own media competence. His interviews and videos have undoubtedly increased the visibility of my work, bringing it to audiences who might otherwise not have run across it.

Professor Steve Fuller, Department of Sociology, University of Warwick

Mark has been a central and indispensable member of two different projects I have been involved in – setting up a campaigning website and an online magazine. He has been efficient, quick and always good-natured. I value his technical skills very highly, but also his engagement and understanding of the content we have been trying to communicate. I cannot recommend him too highly.

Professor John Holmwood, Sociology and Social Policy, University of Nottingham

I attended Mark’s Introduction to Podcasting Workshop at the Annual BSA PG Forum Conference Day this year. The session itself was informative and pacey, whilst the delivery was perfectly pitched – authoritative but genial. Everyone left the session buzzing with an idea that was both innovative and forward-thinking whilst having serious practical worth for research and networking. Mark really knows what he’s talking about and this comes over especially in his ability to respond to his audience. I left the session feeling thoroughly inspired by his ideas.

Sarah Burton, PhD Student, University of Glasgow

Although I have always been active on social networks, I found the GPP sessions immeasurably helpful in getting the most out of my online presence as a researcher. Also, exposure to numerous digital tools and strategies for research has made my PhD journey much more enjoyable.

Tomi Oladepo, PhD Student, University of Warwick

Mark has incredible practical knowledge of the use of social media in education. He has worked collaboratively with staff in the Library at Warwick to produce content and provide support on a social media training programme aimed at the research community. Mark’s contribution to this project was invaluable.

Emma Cragg, University Library, University of Warwick

Mark’s knowledge and understanding of social media was put to good use when leading a workshop on using social media and the problems, pleasure and pitfalls it can create.  As a group he made us aware of its uses as an academic tool and the wide reaching  opportunities it can engender.

Dr Deborah Butler, Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences, University of Hull

In July 2012 Mark ran a successful session on open access publishing for our Summer School for research staff and students. he explored the current debate around open access publishing and its implications for the academic community, and helped clarify the issues. The session was lively and entertaining as well as informative, and we had very positive feedback from participants. I was very pleased with his contribution and would certainly invite him to speak again on digital issues.

Dr Anne Boultwood, Institute of Art and Design, Birmingham City University

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