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Digital Sociology

Call for an Internet Social Forum

Call for an Internet Social Forum The Internet belongs to all people – Let’s occupy it More and more, the Internet is the place where we meet up with our friends, get information, organise work, store our pictures and texts, do our banking, see videos, buy tickets and get public […]

What is Digital Sociology?

What is Digital Sociology? I really like that Deborah suggested this title for her lecture tomorrow night because it’s a question which fascinates me. Obviously this is in part a matter of terminological novelty, with ‘digital sociology’ obviously supplementing parallel projects of ‘digital humanities’, ‘digital geography’ and ‘digital anthropology’  in […]

Social media and ambient intimacy

There’s a pervasive tendency to see social media as something detrimental to the quality of human relationships. The precise formulation tends to vary but in practice it amounts to a claim that ‘real’ and ‘meaningful’ (i.e. relationships sustained through face-to-face communication) are being replaced with ‘virtual’ and ‘superficial’ ones (i.e. […]

Some thoughts on sociological writing

The denial of what Ben Agger calls ‘authoriality’ in sociological texts helps explain why concerns about the character of sociological writing have figured so prominently in recurrent anxieties about the status and future of the discipline. Its suppression involves a certain kind of self-presentation for sociology, as individual sociologists frame […]

Technology and Human Nature

In their Webcam, Daniel Miller and Jolynna Sinanan offer what they describe as a theory of attainment. While I’m not sure they’d accept my terminology, I read this as an attempt to theorise the causal powers of technology in relation to the causal powers of human beings. They start by recognising that “people have relationships […]

Social analytics as an agenda for digital sociology

What Nick Couldry says here is a pleasingly precise statement of what I’ve been trying to articulate when writing vague statements like the “distinctively sociological sensibility which is marginalised by computational social science”: The starting-points for a hermeneutics of the social world are, in key ways, being transformed by big data and […]

The myth of ‘us’ in a digital age

In his A necessary disenchantment: myth, agency and injustice in a digital world, Nick Couldry argues that transitions in media infrastructure are facilitating the emergence of a new myth of collectivity: A new myth about the collectivities we form when we use platforms such as Facebook. An emerging myth of natural collectivity […]

The exciting future of governance

Background to the video here. I have to admit that I’d assumed this sort of thing was at least a decade away. What’s so creepy about this (beyond “because of this your feeling of safety increased”) is how ‘joined up’ the proposed monitoring is. Rather than piecemeal monitoring that gradually gets joined up […]

Science Gallery Dublin – Lifelogging Lab CALL for Proposals for upcoming exhibition

This looks interesting: Lifelogging Lab CLOSING DATE: Thursday, October 23, 2014 – 12:00 LIFELOGGING LAB If you could measure everything…would you? Calling all trackers, quantifiers, analysers and creative counters Science Gallery is seeking proposals for its upcoming exhibition LIFELOGGING LAB, which will open in February 2015. Exhibition and laboratory […]

Is this how the Circle got started….?

The ApplePay system aims to kickstart the so far slow-moving market for mobile payments, which banks and credit card companies have struggled to get people to adopt, but could also give Apple growing power in the payments industry. “ApplePay will forever change the way all of us buy things,” said […]

CfP The Role of Quantified Self for Personal Healthcare @ IEEE BIBM’14, Belfast‏‎

Call for Papers for ===================================================================== International Workshop on The Role of Quantified Self for the Personal Healthcare (QSPH’14) ===================================================================== November 2014, held in conjunction with IEEE BIBM 2014 in Belfast, UK ——————————————————————— MOTIVATION In recent years there has been considerable interest in tracking a variety of health-related data via […]


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